Company History

More than 80 years before, an entrepreneur, Nalin Mittra, had an idea to transform and translate the vitange norms and create a new paradigm in interior design and decoration. His idea was to create a confluence of design, quality and service. He started a company called Mittra Brothers in 1926, which probably was the first ever organized effort at interior decoration in Kolkata.


Mittra Decor is the leading interior decoration and civil construction firm in Eastern India. Rechristened Mittra Decor in 1992, and spearheaded by Satinath Mittra, the grandson of the founder, the company is breaking new grounds in providing quality interior design with features like sustainibility, eco-friendly environment and low energy cooling. The principle is to work in tandem with the clients to conceptualize, plan and execute user-centered solutions for effective space utilization.

Mittra Decor has maintained a steady growth rate over 25% even in the recision market. "We strictly try and adhere to the values and business ethics propunded by our founder" says Mr. Satinath Mitra. "We have a proven and well defined approach to our practice in the business. With us, each customer is focused, refined, defined and redefined". The company has successfully completed a number of projects in other metros like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Why Us ?

  • International experience and Expertise in design
  • Local Knowledge, Experience and Execution Capability
  • Prior experience in Corporate office Interior design & execution
  • Best Practices for Work Place Solutions
  • Sustainable Implementation Experience
  • Cost control and just-in-time decisions


We have nineteen hundred square feet of office space and a mechanized workshop of three thousand square feet attached to the office with full storage facility.